the tail of two dragons

the feilds

In the warm heat of the south east continent, two people were deemed evil by the church of Paylor. The sentence for this crime was to work the fields for a months time. Garro told the truth in how he thought they were evil men, but in defeat he saw the light. Taking to the fields he is working hard for his redemption from his god. (Corellon) The other impeder of the holy Medipod claimed he did nothing wrong. He tried his best at lying to the church, making excuse after excuse. Yet in the end he was forced to work the fields as well. Ruze the fighter hates the fields and the church of Paylor. The insentient need of the church to tell him everything about Paylor in his infinite power and glory. Ruze claimed that everything around or belonging to the church of paylor will be destroyed at his feet.

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